Wood Types

The main types of wood we use are:

Unsorted Pine

This comes from Scandanavia (upper Gulf). Joinery quality softwood. This is generally used for anything from mouldings, windows, doors etc. However, due to the qualities of this timber, I would not recommend it for exterior or interior doors. As it will shrink in the summer and swell in the wetter months.


This is Radiata Pine, it is sourced from New Zealand, it is chemically altered after felling to change its internal structure. Which makes it very stable, it does not shrink or twist and has a guarantee for external use of up to 50 years (subject to decoration of course). We are accredited users of this product and also can advise on installation/decoration.


A west African hardwood, reddish brown in colour. It is a durable timber, used for both internal and external joinery, it accepts both paint and stain readily.


We generally use European Oak. Sourced from France or Eastern Europe. In either prime joinery grade, Air dried or Green It is used for any internal or external joinery, is durable and accepts stain/oils readily. We also use this for external structures such as Gazebo’s and Pergola’s.


An attractive hardwood, used internally for furniture.


An attractive hardwood, used internally for furniture.


Either Steamed or Unsteamed. Used for kitchen worktops, drawer boxes and chopping boards.

American Black Walnut

We use it predominantly for Kitchen worktops and cabinets.


This is used for cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards, skirtings and some architraves. It comes in various varieties, plain, moisture resistant, water proof or veneered in many types of finish or even melamine faced with wood grain finishes.

Product Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your purpose made product is essential, whether it be an external or internal item.

External Items

If we supplied an external item treated and primed or just primed, it is important to complete the decoration process as soon as possible, using compatible decorative products and following the directions closely. If you do not complete the decoration or use inappropriate materials, this may invalidate any warranty. If we supplied a completely decorated external product it is important to regularly check the finish for damage and remedy as soon as possible.

We recommend cleaning the frames and moving components at least twice a year using a mild non-abrasive cleaner on a soft cloth.

Iron mongery or hinges should not be painted unless designed to do so, you should clean them and lubricate them regularly with a light oil or vaseline.

Internal Items

Whether it be a painted door or an oiled piece of furniture, they all need a little TLC, abrasive cleaners or chemicals should not be used, just an occasional freshen up with another coat of paint or waxing/oiling.

We hope this helps you to keep the joinery we supplied as fresh as possible.